What is Brendan Fraser's Net Worth?

Brendan Fraser Net Worth and Salary: Brendan Fraser is an American-Canadian actor and producer who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Fraser earned his net worth from a successful film career dating back to the 1990s. With more than 70 acting credits to his name, he is best known for his roles in “The Mummy” franchise, “George of the Jungle,” “Encino Man,” and “Dudley Do-Right” as well as a memorable 3-episode arc on the NBC series “Scrubs.” Brendan also appeared in the award-winning films “Crash” and “The Quiet American.”

Brendan Fraser Biography

Early Life: Brendan Fraser was born Brendan James Fraser on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He grew up with Canadian parents, Carol (a sales counselor) and Peter (a Canadian foreign service officer), and 3 older brothers, Kevin, Regan, and Sean, in Washington, California, Ontario, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Brendan attended a private boarding school, Toronto’s Upper Canada College, and in 1990, he graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. He had planned to study acting at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, but on the way there, he stopped in Hollywood, was cast as a sailor in the 1991 film “Dogfight,” and decided to stay.

Brendan Fraser Quick Facts

What is the net worth of Brendan Fraser? What is his zodiac sign? Here is Brendan Fraser in a nutshell:

Brendan Fraser Overview
Net Worth$20 Million
Date of BirthN/A
Zodiac SignN/A
Height6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Photographer, Voice Actor
NationalityUnited States of America

Quotes that Inspire by Brendan Fraser

Many are probably wondering about the foundation behind Brendan Fraser's success and wealth. Below we have listed some of the actor's quotes that will get you in the mindset to pursue your financial success.

I believe you have a responsibility to comport yourself in a manner that gives an example to others. As a young man, I prayed for success. Now I pray just to be worthy of it.

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser

I've been grateful enough, smart enough to take the work with Ian McKellen in Gods And Monsters.

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser

Horrible things happen, but were they horrible? No, they were just circumstances of the world.

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser

I suppose if it has a practical purpose, I appreciate a pat on the back. I suppose it's rewarding, ultimately.

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser

I'm just glad that I have bragging rights to working with Bugs and Daffy.

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser