What is Emilia Fox's Net Worth?

Emilia Fox net worth: Emilia Fox is an English actress who has a net worth of $5 million. She is best known for starring in several films and TV series including Silent Witness.

Emilia Fox Quick Facts

What is the net worth of Emilia Fox? What is her zodiac sign? Here is Emilia Fox in a nutshell:

Emilia Fox Overview
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of BirthJuly 31, 1974 (age 48 years)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)

Quotes that Inspire by Emilia Fox

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I was an only child for 15 years and then this lovely present, Fred, came along. It was great - it meant I had my teenage years with a little one around.

Emilia FoxEmilia Fox Net Worth

I made it to Oxford, but it is not that I am particularly clever, much more that I am a worker bee.

Emilia FoxEmilia Fox Net Worth

Only out of great vulnerability do you discover what strength you have. Having a daughter who I love with all my being has helped me mine the source of that strength to previously unknown depths.

Emilia FoxEmilia Fox Net Worth

I met Jack Nicholson when I was about 10 at a party of my uncle's, and it wasn't so much that I knew his films because I was small, but he wore sunglasses inside at night and I thought that must mean he was very important and was suitably star struck by his charismatic presence.

Emilia FoxEmilia Fox Net Worth

Older men are wiser and that is much cooler to me. I've never been one for going out clubbing or getting off my head, so I always gravitated to men who were similar. They just tended to be older. I think you have more of an adventure with an older man. And a happier journey.

Emilia FoxEmilia Fox Net Worth