What is Kelly Reilly's Net Worth?

Kelly Reilly Net Worth: Kelly Reilly is an English actress who has a net worth of $5 million. Born in Surrey, England, in 1977, Kelly Reilly started pursuing her acting career when she was a teenager. She made her on-screen debut in “Prime Suspect: Inner Circles” as Polly Henry and appeared in “The Biz” in 1995.

Kelly Reilly Quick Facts

What is the net worth of Kelly Reilly? What is her zodiac sign? Here is Kelly Reilly in a nutshell:

Kelly Reilly Overview
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of BirthJuly 18, 1977 (age 45 years)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)

Quotes that Inspire by Kelly Reilly

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It's lovely to work with a group of actors who make you laugh and smile.

Kelly ReillyKelly Reilly Net Worth

When I was younger, I used to write to directors when I was unsure I could play a role. I'd say: 'You've made a terrible mistake.'

Kelly ReillyKelly Reilly Net Worth

Auditioning is a horrible experience because you know you are being absolutely scrutinized and judged. There are days where you can do it and days where it's just not happening, and I feel like that's how it is with all artists; you have some days it kind of works.

Kelly ReillyKelly Reilly Net Worth

Acting has always been such escapism for me.

Kelly ReillyKelly Reilly Net Worth

I love actresses who are brave and don't do what's expected of them or don't play off how they look or take risks.

Kelly ReillyKelly Reilly Net Worth