What is Natascha McElhone's Net Worth?

Natascha McElhone net worth: Natascha McElhone is an English actress who has a net worth of $5 million. Natascha McElhone was born in Surrey, England in December 1969. She took Irish dancing lessons as a child and graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She started acting in theater before making her television debut in the series Ruth Rendell Mysteries in 1990.

Natascha McElhone Quick Facts

What is the net worth of Natascha McElhone? What is her zodiac sign? Here is Natascha McElhone in a nutshell:

Natascha McElhone Overview
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of BirthDecember 14, 1969 (age 52 years)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

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My kids always say to me, 'Can we watch TV?' I say, 'Absolutely!' because then I can get something done. But then they say, and I wait for it, 'But can you watch with us?' My moment of freedom vanishes. So not only do I not think TV's that great and I hate sitting in front of it, but I have to with them.

Natascha McElhoneNatascha McElhone Net Worth

Growing up, I wasn't allowed dolls, and my brothers weren't allowed guns. I inherited my brothers' clothes. I was never dressed in pink, and they were never dressed in blue; there were none of those rules that people still bizarrely subscribe to.

Natascha McElhoneNatascha McElhone Net Worth

In terms of 'Solaris,' I didn't really think about the religious aspect an awful lot. There's one scene at a dinner party, and it's discussed, but it wasn't an overwhelming theme for me.

Natascha McElhoneNatascha McElhone Net Worth

My concentration span is truly that of a gnat. Some people have this ladder, and that's all there is - the ladder. I have the ladder, too, but there's a building around it with scaffolding, and lots of windows for me to peek into. Then suddenly I'll remember, 'Oh, there's the ladder. I should be concentrating on that.'

Natascha McElhoneNatascha McElhone Net Worth

Mum left school at 15, and after a few years of modelling and dating jazz musicians, was married by 21 to my father, Mike Taylor, a journalist on the 'Daily Mirror.' They had my brother and me pretty quickly and had split up by the time I was two. I don't really have any memories of them as a couple.

Natascha McElhoneNatascha McElhone Net Worth