What is Octavia Spencer's Net Worth?

Octavia Spencer is a well-known actress, author, and producer from America. She is the first black actress to receive two consecutive nominations and one of two black actresses to have received three nominations at the prestigious Academy Awards. She is also an author and has written several children’s book series.


Octavia Spencer started her career as an intern on the set of the movie The Long Walk Home. In 1997, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Personal Life

When things come to her personal life, Spencer likes them to keep private. She has been completely focused on her professional life and has not dated anyone. She has neither opened up about her affair nor had provided any hint regarding the same. So, currently, Octavia is living her life single-handedly.

Octavia Spencer Quick Facts

What is the net worth of Octavia Spencer? What is her zodiac sign? Here is Octavia Spencer in a nutshell:

Octavia Spencer Overview
Net Worth$15 Million
Date of BirthN/A
Zodiac SignN/A
Height5 Feet 1 Inch (1.57 m)
Octavia Spencer Wealth
Octavia Spencer is looking supreme as ever, and her net worth isn't too bad either.

Quotes that Inspire

Here are some inspirational quotes by the celebrity in question:

There are fewer and fewer roles that I haven't done already, or archetypes that I haven't played, and to break out of that box, the most interesting stuff is television.

Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer Net Worth

The fact that women are very young in obtaining their civil rights and African-Americans are young in obtaining their civil rights, I think it's about time that we extend that to all Americans, whether straight, gay, purple, green, black, brown.

Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer Net Worth

The thing about the South is we accept our history. We don't push it under the rug.

Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer Net Worth

I have a great team at WME.

Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer Net Worth

When my car broke down in L.A., nobody stopped. They just kept whizzing by.

Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer Net Worth