What is Peter Sellers' Net Worth?

Peter Sellers CBE was a British actor, comedian, singer, writer, and director who had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his death in 1980. One of his best known roles was Inspector Clouseau in “The Pink Panther” film series (1963–1976). Sellers was a performer on the BBC Radio comedy series “The Goon Show” in the 1950s, and he had more than 80 acting credits to his name, including the films “Lolita” (1962), “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” (1964), and “Being There” (1979) and the television series “And So to Bentley” (1954) and “The Telegoons” (1963–1964).


After returning to England, Sellers auditioned for the BBC and appeared on the TV show “New To You” in 1948. He later called BBC radio producer Roy Speer, pretending to be “Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh” star Kenneth Horne and recommended himself to the producer. Impressed by Peter’s acting, Speer let him appear on “Show Time,” and Sellers soon became a regular radio performer. From 1951 to 1960, Peter voiced several characters on “The Goon Show,” which has been described as “probably the most influential comedy show of all time.” The Goons appeared in the 1951 film “Penny Points to Paradise,” followed by 1952’s “Down Among the Z Men.” Sellers appeared in the film “Orders Are Orders” (1954), “The Ladykillers” (1955), “The Smallest Show on Earth” (1957), “The Naked Truth” (1957), and “The Mouse That Roared” (1959), and he won a BAFTA Award for 1959’s “I’m All Right Jack.” He co-starred with Sophia Loren in 1960’s “The Millionairess,” and the two released the album “Peter & Sophia” and the singles “Goodness Gracious Me” and “Bangers and Mash.”

Personal Life

Peter married actress Anne Howe (better known as Anne Hayes) on September 15, 1951, and they welcomed son Michael (born in 1954) and daughter Sarah (born in 1958) before divorcing in 1963. Sellers then wed actress Britt Ekland on February 19, 1964 (10 days after meeting her), and they had a daughter, Victoria, in 1965.

Peter Sellers Quick Facts

What is the net worth of Peter Sellers? What is his zodiac sign? Here is Peter Sellers in a nutshell:

Peter Sellers Overview
Net Worth$10 Million
Date of BirthSeptember 8, 1925 - July 24, 1980 (age 54 years)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Film director, Screenwriter, Singer

Quotes that Inspire by Peter Sellers

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I've had three marriages end in disaster. Lynne knew the score when she married me. It was always just a matter of time before she became the fourth ex-Mrs. Peter Sellers.

Peter SellersPeter Sellers Net Worth

I realise that certain actors project their own image onto the screen - those who are the same on as they are off. But I've never had the necessary statistics to be able to do that sort of thing, and so, anyway, I always wanted to be a character actor.

Peter SellersPeter Sellers Net Worth

I might have got somewhere with 'The Ladykillers,' but forty minutes were cut. A lot of me was cut with that forty minutes.

Peter SellersPeter Sellers Net Worth

Women are more difficult to handle than men. It's their minds.

Peter SellersPeter Sellers Net Worth

Sometimes I felt glad not to be too close to people. I might have been happier, I suppose. On the other hand, I never had much luck with people over the years.

Peter SellersPeter Sellers Net Worth